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I am no writer. Matter of fact, my command of the English language is, as my main man Charles Barkley would say, rather “turrerrrrble”. You will no doubt stumble upon a slew of run-ons, grammatical errors, and misspelling… for some reason, I freely tag an “S” to end of uncountable nouns… sugars, feets, makeups, and you get the picture. But in between the lines, I hope you can also discover what’s truly ME; an authentic, uncensored voice of a young man loved and inspired by so many good people, and followed his dream to see the world.

I’ve debated for a while whether to publish my journals. To share those intimate encounters and personal feelings is, in a way, rather narcissistic. Then came the summer of 2016, when I drove across Europe with two of my best friends. We were tripping balls on some psychedelics on a beach near Amsterdam. As the three of us huddled by an imaginary fire, contemplating about our past, present, and future, I felt a warm stream swelling in the pit of my stomach. For the very first time as a cognitive adult, I felt love, in its most physical and tactile form. And I want to share that feeling with you, and rest of the world.

Sure, we don’t seem to be the most acute students of history. But as a civilization, slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction. There are just too darn many incredible minds, bright smiles, and breathtaking scenery in this world for me not to stay optimistic. And if sharing my stories could inspire one person to pursue his/her dream, or simply add a bit more color and a smile to your day, it would all be very worth it.

Faith, Hope, and Love are the three gifts we are given, and the greatest is Love.


Weirdly optimistic, funny at times, somewhat adventurous. Young professional turned globetrotter. Havn't quite figure out the meaning of this all, but perhaps the secret of life is... living.

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